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Med Evolution, with 28 years of experience in the ICT sector, is a company highly specialized in information system consulting and design.

It brings the experience of its founding partners and technicians with years of expertise with a strong specialization in the areas of support, software development and computer systems research, but above all with a great and common passion for technology.

Over the years, it has developed its expertise by focusing on the service, technical support and maintenance of systems, as well as their integration, to ensure a high level of satisfaction for its customers by investing in the search for application solutions to solve their countless and diverse needs.

Today it is able to follow its clients from the design to the implementation of new installations, starting from the part of wiring and supplying the necessary equipment, to the realization of software and/or web applications and all "network" oriented services.

The Information Technology business is constantly and rapidly evolving, disentangling the various different solutions and products becomes extremely complicated, if not impossible. It becomes increasingly essential, therefore, for companies in the sector to present themselves as a competent and up-to-date partner who can better interpret, advise and guide customers in their choices.

A single interface to turn to that takes care of Information Technology, without worrying about matching up software people with those who re-sell systems and those who provide Internet services.

Med Evolution was born pursuing this precise objective, and today it can boast managerial and managerial skills capable of meeting the many business needs in the IT field.

From the choice of hardware and software systems to local and wide area network architecture, from telephony to modern communication systems, from support to training, from Internet access to Web presence.

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