Our objectives

Facilitating people in the performance of their functions by allowing them to save time in the execution of office procedures.

Create Teams that can have the overall view of the problems inherent in their work using the infrastructure of an enterprise computer network.

Introduce the modern communication systems in the company by integrating e-mail, fax, document sharing, Internet/Intranet connections, video conferencing, telephony, unified communications.

Take the work environment beyond the personal computer by using technologies such as remote desktop, VOIP, tablets and smartphones to make teleworking possible.

Provid customized programs by integrating new systems with the existing ones.

Custom development of Web and E-Commerce sites that can promote your products, company policy, and distribute business and technical information globally.

Enable full investment exploitation by the staff through our training services.

Walk the client toward virtualized computing environments and the cloud.

Implementation of an efficient security policy using the most suitable tools: Firewalls, Antivirus for the network and Mail Server, Antispam systems, access policies, software updates, Backup systems, uninterruptible power supplies, remote monitoring.

Define together with the client a tailor-made disaster recovery strategy , which can avoid data loss and long downtime by analyzing the risks elements in advance and preparing the appropriate counter measures.

Take prompt action with our On-Site support service when problems occur so that you can resume work as quickly as possible.

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